Comprehensive renovation with Premax®+ thresholds

A total of 363 flat-roof residences have been renovated in the districts of Slotjes-Oost and Oosterheide in Oosterhout. This large-scale renovation project was launched a year ago in partnership with Ballast Nedam and Driessens on behalf of Thuisvester. For this project, Holonite supplied Premax®+ low-relief thresholds. These thresholds improve insulation, resulting in a more energy-efficient residence.
As part of these large-scale renovations, Thuisvester was aiming to improve the overall quality of the residential units. Two key objectives were to rectify the draught and humidity issues and to make the homes more energy efficient. The housing association also wanted to give the area a fresh new appearance that was in step with the times. To involve the residents in the renovation work, an advisory group was set up and a study was conducted to investigate the quality of living in the area.


Maintenance work on this scale is huge. The two neighbourhoods have been given complete makeovers, with the construction of 92 new buildings, the fitting of 1,235 outside doors and 2,178 windows, and the installation of 29,000 m2 of insulating material in the building façades.

Premax®+ thresholds are lightweight and can be installed quickly and easily

For this project, Holonite provided Premax®+ low-relief thresholds. The thresholds are made of a new lightweight blend of materials. The new blend, which is enhanced with high-tech fillers, gives the thresholds excellent insulating properties. In comparison to the standard Premax® thresholds, the + thresholds are much lighter. This ultimately results in a weight saving of around 40% per threshold. The optimised characteristics of this product enable it to be installed quickly and efficiently. The level of resistance to scratches has also been improved. Holonite products are sustainable and Cradle to Cradle certified and fully conform to the objectives of these renovations, namely to resolve all draught and humidity issues and to make the residential units more energy efficient.