Our process
Our process

From architect to contractor

and housing association to private individual

Holonite provides the Dutch, Belgian and German new-build and renovation market with façade and finishing elements. Holonite works with everyone from architects to contractors and cooperative housing associations to private individuals on an indirect level. Holonite is primarily targeting joineries in the window frame industry with its low-relief threshold product group. All Holonite products are produced on request and are available in an extensive range of sizes. Holonite indirectly targets the private market. With a wide range of standard products available, Holonite is able to supply the private market via the professional building materials dealers with whom it works. In addition to standard products, customers can request custom-made products for delivery.



Holonite has the professional knowledge and expertise to take care of work preparation activities as required and works with the customer to meet their requirements. Holonite also performs various processing operations on products as standard and according to customer specifications, e.g. cutting recesses. Holonite products are extremely easy to process without external assistance. On request, we advise clients on how to perform activities such as sawing, drilling and sanding in a safe and responsible manner. We also inform clients about how to handle the product correctly by providing product-specific processing specifications with products such as private-label adhesive, primer and degreaser. Holonite products are delivered by lorry (freight paid) to the building site or ex works if desired. When the products have been delivered, Holonite is on hand to utilise its knowledge and experience regarding installation and assembly. If desired, Holonite can take care of installation according to the corresponding instructions. Alternatively, the customer can opt to assemble the products themselves or outsource the work. For us, service means providing the complete package. From advice to assembly, our clients receive peace of mind every step of the way.


Holonite is an innovative force in the construction and renovation market, both on its own initiative and in response to the needs of the market. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1996. The basis for this is our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of Holonite products.


Holonite has been able to provide countless new application options throughout the years thanks to the ongoing development of composite stone processing technology. Various trends have been set both in the construction sector and in the public sphere. Holonite composite stone has a virtually unlimited number of applications, thereby putting maximum freedom of design within easy reach for everyone.