Our Product
Our Product

Composite stone

Our product consists of a high quality composite blend of various fillers and a binding agent. The compactness and structure mean that a breeding ground for dirt, mould and mildew is avoided. The properties of the binding agent prevent the creation of thermal bridges, while additional materials ensure that the product looks natural.

Holonite products are watertight, low maintenance and resistant to frost and alkalis. These unique properties make the products suitable for indoor and outdoor application. They are also available in a range of colours and textures and are easy to process using a stone drill bit and stone saw.

Other Properties

  • smooth, sleek or textured
  • not susceptible to breakage
  • long service life
  • resistant to chemicals
  • good wear resistance
  • low in volume and weight
  • environmentally friendly
  • quick to process
  • scratch-resistant
  • compressive strength of 114.5 MPa
  • flexural tensile strength of 30.2 MPa
  • coefficient of thermal expansion of 35 x 10 ̅6

Low-maintenance products

Although Holonite products are low maintenance, regular cleaning enables the products to retain their quality appearance. Consult our maintenance advice section for more information. Extremely stubborn dirt can be removed using the cleaning agents Urban Solve and Urban Polish. Get in contact with us for information about product availability. Always read our maintenance advice before use.