A unique town hall in Doorn

The brand-new administrative building for the municipal authorities of Utrechtse Heuvelrug was completed in summer 2013. Three separate buildings are able to house around 200 civil servants in total.

The nearby cultural centre previously served as the town hall. The decision was made to restrict the height of the town hall for planning reasons and to prevent the building from imposing itself on the landscape. Parking is available in the basement and there is an underground level for meeting rooms and the staff restaurant. The rustic, traditional style of the town hall fits seamlessly with the surrounding region, which is characterised by parks and green areas.

As part of this project, Holonite provided insulated base plinths, window sills and custom-made steps. The insulated base plinths both accentuate the majestic appearance of the dusky pink fa├žades and protect the delicate base of the building. The light-coloured window sills complement the white shutters perfectly. The custom-made stair treads are the finishing touch, with the stairs connecting the underground parking garage to the rest of the building. Holonite fitted the stair treads with integrated anti-slip profiles.

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