146 homes renovated in ‘s Hertogenbosch

In ‘s Hertogenbosch, in the Schutskamp neighbourhood, the construction company Van Wijnen Rosmalen B.V., in cooperation with carpentry factory Van der Maazen, were commissioned by housing corporation Zayaz to renovate 146 homes. The houses were originally built in 1963 and 1964 and were severely out-dated and in need of renovation. The houses were adapted to the living needs of modern life, so that residents could continue living there in comfort. Building contractor Van Wijnen Rosmalen was responsible for the execution of the work, since they had already been appointed as the neighbourhood contractor in this district, and have extensive experience in similar renovation projects. The activities of the overall project were divided into communal and non-communal tasks. The communal work was mandatory and largely comprised improving and insulating the exterior of the houses, for example, by applying HR ++ glass (insulating glass) and ventilation grilles, refilling cavity wall insulation and replacing the front- and backdoors of the houses. When the new doors were installed, the thresholds were also replaced by Holonite Premax thresholds. Premax thresholds seamlessly integrate with wooden frames and offer better insulation. They optimise the wind- and water-resistance of the front doors and eliminate  thermal bridges. As a result, residents have had their draft and moisture problems permanently resolved.