Renovation of 54 residential units in Alphen aan den Rijn

Blanksma Construction company has renovated 54 residential units in Vermeerstreet and Ruisdaelstreet in Alphen aan den Rijn on behalf of the housing association wonenCentraal. The work carried out by Blanksma Construction company consisted in part of scheduled maintenance, including applying new paint to the exteriors and upgrading kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. The other part of the work focused on increasing the level of safety, health protection and comfort provided by the units, such as by installing mechanical ventilation systems, removing water heaters and installing other energy-efficient facilities like double glazing and façade insulation. Furthermore, all materials containing asbestos were identified in each apartment and subject to a cleanup.

Holonite contributed to this project through the provision of custom-made dark-grey frames and landing elements. The windows surrounds with the underlying frames around them are highlighted as if in 3D and lend the colourful, vibrant façade a subtle finish. The custom-made decorative elements above the doors make for an impressive entrance which prioritises the amount of incoming light. The frames consist of three parts, namely heads, window sills and jambs, all of which were custom made for this project. The façade is fitted with an exterior façade insulation system with stone strips. All Holonite products are Cradle to Cradle certified. As Holonite products are low maintenance, wonenCentraal will not have to schedule maintenance for the majority of these components for the next few years.