Villa in IJsselstein

The new residence for the Baartmans family was built on Achtersloot in IJsselstein. This luxury detached villa also has an annex building. The majority of the residence is characterised by an insulated stucco façade with an insulated Holonite base plinth at the bottom. The plinth is finished in Savona, a colour which gives the entire façade an understated, yet solid appearance. The insulated base plinth contributes to the building’s overall low-maintenance design thanks to the joints, which do not require sealant and therefore cut down on the amount of maintenance required. At the same time the plinth insulates and protects the foot of the building in this leafy suburb. The black Natura window profiles are another low-maintenance solution with a natural appearance. The profiles feature moulded upstands (with raised edges), which protect the façade against dirt, dust and stains. The residence’s exterior façade has an R-value of 6.0. The residence has an EPC rating of <0.4.