Renovation of Oranjekwartier in Veghel

The neighbourhood of Oranjewijk is characterised by a series of post-war residences that were renovated in the 1980s. The client has now decided that it would be cost-effective to renovate the area. The renovation plan devised by Bouwbedrijf Van de Ven in Veghel was chosen from the submitted plans. The design was drawn up by Leenders Architecten & Ingenieurs. The 202 old residences have been demolished to make way for 151 new residences that meet modern requirements. With a range of residences available to rent, this neighbourhood, which is situated on the outskirts of the city centre, is suitable for a broad target group.

The plan and design placed great emphasis on the neighbourhood’s appearance in an effort to largely retain the atmosphere of the old Oranjewijk district. Bouwbedrijf Van de Ven made sure to take the history of the neighbourhood into account when deciding on the detailing. This is clear from the plinths situated under the various window columns and in the house number plates and flagpole holders – these elements feature crowns that highlight the “royal” origins of the neighbourhood. During the preparations, Holonite was selected as an alternative to the prefab concrete frames that were initially under consideration. The residences retain their unique style thanks to the light grey Holonite window frames. In addition, custom-made column elements resting on plinths have been added to various windows. The crowns are etched into these plinths. The Holonite crowns clearly demonstrate the virtually endless number of options provided by composite stone.