New office building for bluewater energy services

The new office building of Bluewater Energy Services BV in Hoofddorp is a BREEAM building. In the Netherlands, ‘BREEAM-NL Nieuwbouw en renovatie’ is the number one quality label when it comes to proving the energy performance of new buildings. With an overall score of 78%, the office building is extremely sustainable. This project falls into the ‘utility building’ category and was completed in September 2014.

A healthy working environment, the “New Way of Working” and a range of internal communication options are the norm in the new office building at Park 20/20. The open work spaces and spacious atrium offer an optimal internal communication platform and a healthy working environment for the various departments and projects. The application of Cradle to Cradle principles also leads to a more effective interior climate, a higher residual value and better overall building flexibility. This was the direct reason for replacing the originally envisaged natural stone wall covering elements with low-maintenance, Cradle to Cradle-certified covering elements from Holonite. As the wall covering elements do not require sealant, the product and the joints require virtually no maintenance at all.