New construction of 60 apartments at Uilennest

Last summer, 60 apartments were constructed at Uilennest in Hattem. On behalf of Triada (housing association), these energy-efficient apartments, which are intended to meet the changing needs of the residents at various stages their lives, were built by the construction firm Salverda and designed by the architectural agency Groosman Partners, which is based in Rotterdam. For this project, Holonite worked with Raab Karcher to supply wheelchair-accessible thresholds and custom-made wall covering elements and window sills.

Accessible and energy-efficient construction

The new apartments will mainly be rented out to senior citizens. When designing the building, accessibility for disabled persons was a priority. The bathrooms in the A-type residential units, for example, are fitted with a sliding door, while the ground floor features a covered parking garage intended exclusively for residents. Holonite provided wheelchair thresholds to facilitate entry into the various rooms. The brand-new building is both practical and energy efficient throughout. Thanks to the level of comfort ensured by the construction method, the residents benefit from low energy costs while enjoying all mod cons.

The design

The apartment complex has a semicircular design which creates a general interior space for residents and visitors. The fa├žades feature aluminium fronts, bronze and white masonry and sand-coloured prefabricated elements. Holonite ensured contrast by providing slightly curved wall covering elements and dark grey window sills. Overall, this results in a dynamic building that provides all facilities for the residents.