Construction of Crematory Wetering-Zuid

DELA cooperative, in partnership with Povse &Timmermans Architects & Engineers and J.A. van Gisbergen Construction Company, has realised a new crematory with funeral facilities on the Wetering-Zuid business park in Utrecht. Given that the adjacent neighbourhoods, Leidsche Rijn and Vleuten, have been developing steadily, this also lead to an increase in the demand for new facilities. In addition to shops, sports facilities and health care centres, there was also a need for funeral services. DELA took up the challenge and submitted a plan to the city of Utrecht. The result is a sleek, modern and accessible crematorium with sufficient parking spaces in a green and expansive setting. The circular design was conceived by Povse & Timmermans Architects & Engineers and executed by Gisbergen Construction Company, and it is wonderfully suited to this vast and peaceful environment.

For this project, Holonite contributed customised insulated base plinths which form a long, round frame that decorates the base of the amoeba-shaped building, and which simultaneously provides protection against moisture and dirt.